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cool-hip » wanna promote my blog just click mah name
humble » Try this site,,, alot of history inside. Hope everbody will egt clear pic on People of the Book
razim » Nice site to divert your mind
humble » This is good site for comparison
john » above us only sky
winston » "bad things"? You mean letting me waste 4 hours of important assignment writing time to read all these comments?
lara » why does god let bad things happen?
mozerkus2 » About what u saying???
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MEHMOOD ESSOP » the role that FREE WILL has in 5th meditation
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Elvensarah » good question
SareBabe » so when's the debate happening?
potencia » Personally I think Farasha and ElvenSarah are one and the same. Anyone notice similarities between the two?
violent starr » neat site. i like to debate.. ;o
Caitlin » hey o yes there are
Emperor Norton II » No one here loves my imagination.
Farasha » Damn it Norton, you blew my cover.
interval » i love the pic at the top 'o your page
Emperor Norton II » years in the future, and unleash their fury on the octopi people of the future.
Emperor Norton II » She has been sent back in time to destroy a secret US Government project involving the creation of a race of super-soldiers using human and monitor DNA, that will one day be opened from millions of
Emperor Norton II » *Farasha
Emperor Norton II » Why, Farahsa is a cyborg built by the descendants of octopi, millions of years after the extinction of humanity. The Free Agent, Attack,Seek and destroy Human Automaton
7one » Hi?
Kayla » This is an interesting blog
interval » Thanks foir the tag
interval » this is amusing
Little Robot » Kristy Annity... hmm I think she starred in a porno....
SareBabe » who is farasha?
P.R.Z.__R.U.L.E.Z » hi! visit my blog: --> i'm from poland..and you ??where are you from??:>
RaeJane » if you own most of the media, think you could get me a job? lmao
xaos » as for a reformed eugenics, i am interested in it. i don't usually care to discuss the issue with other people as it is a pregnant topic and wont to piss people off.
xaos » ah, you flatter me. incidentally, i AM my own photographer. i take all my own pictures (as well as pictures of other people and things) and i have extensive experience with image processing.
Duke » sorry I haven't joined in your this time I don't think I have anything to contribute as I've had many questions recently cause me to take a to speak
fERDI:) » Heya Sarah a little something that might not be useful (and most likely not relevant to the debate): on-quaker-guide.html
J f Z » Love the header image, Sarah.
SareBabe » Nice header.
Saphfire Storm » Um... please take my name off of the credits for the header... I only "found" it... I didn't create it, nor do I remember where I got it... I don't want to get you or me into trouble. LOL Thanks
Kyra » Wow, incredible blog.
drtyrockstar » It's entirely possible that you're far to intelligent for your own good. Good for you! Well done.
Saphfire Storm » flying by on my perceptions of reality... How ya doin? sorry I haven't come up with a pic yet.. I've been busy...
ElvenSarah » Thanks PA!
FreudianSlip » Hmmm. Wow 75 comments.
PlasticAgnostic » Hi, I think you have a healthy approach to questioning your personal religion.
jade » hello there... will participate next time
SareBabe » heh heh. My latest entry may be relevant here.
booty call » well aren't all religions basically a rip off of one another. Muhammed and Jesus and David all said the same things
Akira3099 » you have to say personal balance, that just REALLY makes christianity seem like a rip-off... which unfortunately..
besbo » well as far karma and religion are concerned and the debate at hand, it's my understanding that Jesus was all about personal karma
ruli » This is interesting...unfortunately, and I do mean unfortunately, I cannot be your opponent since I am on your side, I think. I'm interested to see where this goes though.
ElvenSarah » not your fault. Let's just all strive to learn.
Akira3099 » true, my most humble apologies Sarah
ElvenSarah » Hopefully we can actually have some debate on here one day, instead of what is going on in the comments section soon. Should be a lot better when I pick the opponent and we stay on topic.
Akira3099 » and blogdrive is the one true religion
Akira3099 » karma is an old way of saying "every action has and equal or opposite reaction"
Brandon Starr » Karma is the daughter of Dharma from "Dharma and Greg" and Kermit the Frog.
booty call » if the internet is god then what is karma? thanks for the post
ElvenSarah » The Internet is God and the webmaster is its prophet.
CuriouslyMad » there is no "one true religion"
SareBabe » I think Duke would be perfect 4 it.
AARON! » this could be good, I really hope someone steps up...
ElvenSarah » I've had Duke in mind. Don't know if he is right though. I will ask him what he thinks first.
SareBabe » Once upon a time I would have taken up the challenge. I nominate Duke!
SareBabe » lol! I adore the profile. Very funny.
A monkey » mos def, do you like it?
7one » thanks for dropping by sarah, and i'll take that as a joke, peace.
potencia » I accept the challenge.
Pat » So what your saying Akira is that "Oooo Baby Heaven is a Place on Earth?" --Oh Yeah I went there
Katriana » I'm a fool for thought!
Akira3099 » improbable as it may seem... we're in heaven, right now.
Voo » *drinks tea and immerses herself in ElvenSarah's words*
Pirwzy » Lies! Damn Lies and Improbability!
Saphfire Storm » wow, lots of comments there ElvenSarah... I'll have to grab a cup of coco and read up...
Akira3099 » congrats!
xaos » akira---i think i got unbelievably lucky: joseph campbell WAS mandatory at my high school. as was aldous huxley. amazing.
xaos » LMAO i, um...flipping love you, elf. *lick, lick*
Akira3099 » Once again, not sayin' this man has it, but... Joseph Campbell - Modern Mythology. This should have been manditory at my school... like teaching evolution (what a joke, yahoo GA)
7one » I hope to see you again soon, it has been nice debating with you but i hope you choose to do it in a more approproiate manner. Peace.
7one » Everyone has their choices and freewill to make. If others force you into christianity, it might very well be but you forcing others to believe what i say is a lie is wrong
7one » You talking about everything being a lie is true. What do you pecieve? How do you seperate truth from fiction? What is real?
7one » Thank you for coming by my site, although i do not understand what you were talking about on mine, i suspect it's about everything
Juliet » This is not the ElvenSarah site I knew! Though interesting, not what I remember...
ElvenSarah » It is an honor to have you here Edrei. I hope we can all be unofficial someday.
Edrei » Whoa...nice site. Though I'm not going to convert you. Officially I'm Islam...born that way. Can't do anything about it. Unofficially I say religions kill us all!!
Dr. God » I should keep my mouth shut.
ElvenSarah » There is no reason for me to debate Islam when most of the readers agree with me on that issue.
ElvenSarah » I focus my attention on Christianity because that is what I know, that is what is around me, and that is what most of the readers of this blog know.
ElvenSarah » I think, for the most part, all religions that claim to have the one true book from god are deluding themselves.
SareBabe » arent all religions lies according to you though?
ElvenSarah » An interesting question, why would I want to debunk a lie? I will write an interlude post and explain my feelings on that common question.
Katriana » I don't think she's trying to prove it wrong. Seems like she wants someone to prove it's right.
SareBabe » I am curious: why are you so deperate to prove christianity wrong?
SareBabe » looks to be fun!
Lyly » all those children, all those years...
Lyly » You know those 3 visions of Fatima from the early 1900s? The 3rd vision was of bishops being defrocked and cast out of the church.
Akira3099 » the priest molesting children was enough for me.