Entry: You Decide Monday, February 21, 2005

Who would you like to see me debate?

Here is Farasha's blog for your enjoyment.


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July 11, 2005   06:07 AM PDT
It is a true! Don't doubt it!
February 24, 2005   07:42 AM PST
I don't know much about Farasha... You need a strong fundamentalist Christian in my opinion. That would be so much more fun!
February 23, 2005   11:17 PM PST
i took the bait...well, interesting blog you got here, i can't post on tagboards coz my itnernet system won't let me so i'm tagging you here! tag!
February 22, 2005   11:26 PM PST
> Someone else (comment below)

Anyone you like :)

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